Wetwall Wall Panel Collection

For the last twenty years, Wetwall has enjoyed the top spot as Europe's leading wall and shower panel supplier. 

Wetwall have been making Wetwall at their base in Perthshire, Scotland for twenty years and they still design, build and test all  Wetwall panels on site. 
Wetwall offer a huge selection of shower wall panels in a vast array of stunning and unique colours and designs. They also have a colour match service for the acrylics so if you fancy a totally unique look to your bathroom walls Wetwall can help you achieve this. We have all the samples on display in our showroom. 
Lets not stop at the walls, look at your feet and there is a bathroom or even a kitchen floor that may need a little TLC.. We can help with that as well. We have the Wetwall  flooring on display in Morley. Which is waterproof and non slip. 

  • Wetwall panels are guaranteed to remain watertight and waterproof for ten years from your date of purchase. No small print or hidden information. As long as they’ve been installed correctly, we’re confident that our system will do its job. For full terms and conditions visit the wetwall  web site. www.wetwall.com
  • Wetwall panels are constructed by bonding High Pressure Laminate (HPL) to a Medite MR MDF core using a PVA (D4 rate) adhesive system to give a completely waterproof surface. This meets all the requirements of EN438. A balancing laminate is bonded to the reverse of the panel also using the PVA adhesive system. In short, your Wetwall panels will remain structurally stable, watertight and waterproof. If you have any questions please visit the FAQ Page  here