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Square Shower Trays

Square Shower Trays: Equal sided shower trays with the waste normally in the corner, but the waste can be found in the middle along one edge. Our images should give you the position of the shower waste. Most square shower trays these days are the lower 40mm high versions, Shower trays also come in the very shallow 25mm depth and the deeper 80 or 100mm high types. We also sell the flush fitting shower trays these are designed to be let into the floor creating a level access which is ideal for that minimal look without going for a full blown wet floor. Shower Trays are made from various materials from Volcanic Ash Resin to tough Cast Resin composites. Some have an acrylic top to them which aids reparability and wear. Others have a Gel coat finish which is more difficult to repair but can be done with a special repair kit if needs be. All the shower trays are quite tough and strong. We even have a selection of non slip shower bases that have a special coating to prevent slipping which are ideal of anyone who has a fear of slipping.Riser kits are available for most shower trays, the kits are designed to lift the shower tray up on legs to allow fitting where the waste cannot be run under the floor. The riser kits are compete usually with a pair of acrylic panels as well.All s Branded shower tray are of better quality than the cheaper versions on the market.




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Phoenix 900 x 900mm  Stone Resin Square Shower Tray


Britton Zamori Square Shower Tray 700 x 700mm Z1158

wastes Not Included

Britton Zamori Square Shower Tray 900 x 900mm Z1161

wastes Not Included