Showerwall NEW Wall Board Adhesive 350ml Tubes

NEW Wall Panel Adhesive
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The NEW Showerwall wall panel adhesive in a next generation Superior MS Polymer which in layman's terms means it sticks like the proverbial, well you know what I mean!  SOLVENT FREE as well so nasty smells floating around.

Technical Stuff..  Basically this first generation hybrid polymer grab adhesive has been specially formulated for the trade and the discerning DIY person. Larger 350ml tubes mean it goes a bit further  as well. Making it more economical to use.
This grab adhesive is a bit of a beast it will bond virtually anything to anything in both wet and dry conditions, even we are told in the rain and even underwater. If you need to stick a patch on your sinking boat or submarine.

It grabs fast and holds tight, here are just a few uses for this product.
All types of showerwall panels be they UPVC Ply, MDF. It will bond most porous and non-porous products including:
Glass,marble, granite, mirrors,bricks,stone, plaster board,concrete, all metals, hard plastics, ceramics, fibre glass, dont forget even underwater on your boat or submarine..

When sticking stuff overhead make sure you support it with mechanical fixings (screws etc) until the adhesive has cured.  I have used it on the lightweight ceiling panels and it held without any additional fixings.. if its light then use your noggin and try it first. 
 Same applies to large mirrors etc make sure they are supported. heavy items support until the adhesive has cured. 
Do not use on surfaces that bleed oils or plasticizers. 
This is a brief list, the limitations are few and common sense must be applied. ALWAYS read the instructions on the tube. We sell this to stick shower wall panels you must assess its suitability yourself if you intend to use on any other products. 

Shipping £5.95  per tube and up to 6 tubes.  £10.00 for six or more

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