Showers & Enclosures

Shower Doors & Shower Trays : {BodLeeds} We like to bring you the best deals possible on shower doors and shower trays. We will NOT have the flimsy cheap shower doors on the bodleeds web site, they just don't last and spend more of their time leaking all over your floor instead of keeping the water in the shower where it belongs. Take is from us, with over 35 years in the bathroom business BODleeds knows what is a good shower door and what is not. Even our basic Haven shower doors are made right here in the UK come with a 10 year guarantee, stay clean glass and are built, to last. Check them out you will see that our prices are superb.We offer many types of shower door from the basic pivot door to an all singing steam shower enclosure and myriads of designs and prices in between. Bodleeds offers Sliding shower doors, Pivot Shower Doors, folding shower doors, quadrant shower doors