Shower Trays

Shower trays.. I swallow a little when I think about how many shower trays you have to look through on the web before you hit the buy button. We only do the good ones.. Why? Common sense really. We do not want a leak nor do you. So its good practice to sell the good shower trays over the bad ones, this way we both win. 
We have a vast collection on the site.. As you can see from the categories below. We have a full range of all quadrant shower trays, rectangle and square shower trays. Sizes from the little 700 square up to a massive 2 metres long which is one of the biggest shower bases on the market.
Most modern shower trays are 40mm high  and made from a cast resin with either a gel coat or acrylic capping. All the shower trays are available with riser kits which include all the special feet  and panels to lift the shower base up by 100mm.
We have shower trays that can be fitted flush with the floor these are a the Urban Flat shower trays. Tou can do the same with the Just Trays Softstone if you want a really superb and different shower tray. 
Lots of shower trays are available with a hidden waste such as the Linear collection.
Whatever size of shower tray you need I am sure you will find it here at the right price.