Riser Kits For Shower Trays

What is a riser pack?
A riser pack is a set of several adjustable legs that fit under the shower tray. There are several types the most popular being the ' screw into the base' type, followed by the 'self adhesive type' which have double sided sticky pads that adhere the legs to the bottom of the shower tray, we are not talking the standard glue here that you find on the DIY store shelf, The adhesive is specially formulated for these trays being very sticky and waterproof. 
The kits are supplied with panels x2 which may need cutting down depending on the size of shower tray you purchase. They are clipped under the rim of the tray with cips if required.

The shower tray riser kits are ideal if you have a difficult drainage situation and or you need to put the tray over some existing pipes which cannot be moved. The tray is raised on average by 100mm above floor level.

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