Heated Towel Rails are used in many bathrooms to warm and dry the towels and add heat to the bathroom.. Be warned though the more towels on the radiator will decrease the amount of heat that is there to heat the bathroom.

Heated towel rails are available in lots of colours white, chrome, anthracite grey and even brass. Far too many to tell you about in this introduction. If you are worried about the heating of the bathroom I would suggest using a taller heated towel rail so you can get as much heat out as possible even with some towels on there.
Chrome rails do not throw as much heat out as a white one as the chrome plate and coatings tend to want to keep the heat in rather than letting it out. Stainless steel heated towel rails addressed this and do provide more heat than the chrome ones with the added advantage that they will never rust. Many rails and radiators are being made from aluminum which is an even better heat conductor.
You can fit to most heated towel rails a dual fuel or summer element these are available with standard elements which just heat up and stay at a set temperature or you can fit a digital or thermostatic element which enables you to chose the settings yourself. In any case make sure you turn off one or both of the valves leading to the central heating system of the little element will try its best to heat the whole house. This will result in a very early failure of the element.