Multipanel Collection

Multipanel: Imagine a bathroom, a shower or kitchen that drops your jaw when you walk in. Stunning design, creative use of space and modern materials. Walls are becoming the canvas of your imagination, paint them with your own creations if you have the time.. Like most of us, time is at a premium so we want a faster and lasting solution. Multipanel offer you a solution that is also cost effective and timeless. Tiles are very restrictive in their designs, expensive to install, cold and rather outdated in the modern home. Their time is almost up, in our modern fast paced lives we need speed of installation, clean easy to maintain interior spaces. A quick zip over with a cloth and the job is done, we do not want to see mouldy grout and have the bathroom dripping  with condensation from cold walls. Multipanel offer you a wide variety of timeless beautiful colours and textures to lighten your mood and ease your domestic burdens, no grout to scrub, No mould to fight with just long lasting style for your bathroom,shower or kitchen.