Mere Reef PVC Shower Wall Panels

PVC shower wall panels are probably the most economical of the shower wall panels on the market. They range in thickness from 5 to 10.5mm The thinner panels I would avoid if you can as their wall thickness is pretty thin and can be damaged easily, these are normally sold in strips of 300mm wide by some 2700mm long. The best ones are the 10.5mm thick ones. You can get into bother here as well unless you know what you are actually looking at. We have seen many samples over the years that look good but the wall thickness was not good and you could again damage them easily. The PVC Splashpanel, Multipanel Economy and the Reef Shower wall panels on Bodleeds have been sold for many years and are up to the job. We buy hundreds so we can offer them at a very good price to you. These panels are all branded and have a 5 year guarantee. The panels are usually 2400mm high and 1000mm wide. We will be adding the 1200mm wide in the near future. The shower wall panels are T&G so you can slot them together. If you are fitting these yourself then you have to bear in mind that the panels are an extrusion, although being T&G you may get a small gap in the middle when you push them together. Most fitters get round this by filling the gap with a sealant. There is another way which we have used on a few occasions. Obviously not all of the panels may have a gap so dry fit them together to see if they have before you stick glue all over and make a right old mess. If a gap exists lay the panel down and trim some of the tongue off top and bottom we have found that 600mm usually works. you don't need to hack at the panel! a sharp knife will trim a couple of millimetres off the tongue. Dry fit them again and adjust as required. Then and only then stick the panel to the wall sealing the joint as per the instructions. The PVC panels are very easy to work with. Cutting can be done with a standard fine tooth saw or Jigsaw. They are much lighter so they can be lifted easily. If you are sticking any panels over tiles you must key the tiles so the adhesive sticks. Silicone is a good adhesive for sticking the panels to tiles.
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