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Lakes Shower Enclosures

Lakes: All Lakes shower doors feature the latest specifications on the market. Stay Clean Glass is getting a little old hat these days, it is plastered on the cheapest of the cheap shower doors. Lakes have this as standard as well as a lifetime guarantee's in place to look after their customers.They also have the clever new glass.. which is an innovation that has yet to be copied by the masses. Its called Pure View.Here is some bumf about it..The revolutionary introduction of PureVueHD glass at no extra cost, on every single product in our Classic, Coastline and Island Collections brings a clear edge to your bathroom.PureVueHD is a high quality, optically superior low-iron glass.In standard glass its iron-oxide content shows itself as a green tinge thats most apparent when you view the edge of the glass, but which also affects and tints everything seen through it.PureVueHD by comparison is dramatically clearer. The reduced iron content reduces the greenish hue to zero levels. Practically tint free, it enables the natural beauty of anything seen through the glass to shine through.For the first time it brings to your bathroom the natural colours, sharpness and enhanced clarity that high definition TV brings to your living room.

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