Insulated Tile Backer Boards For Walls & Floors

Our range of Ultra Samson tile backer boards are a superior high performance tile backer board. Consisting of a waterproof extruded polystyrene (XPS) core faced with a tough fibreglass mesh embedded into a superior polymer mortar on each side, which adds extra strength and rigidity to the board.Available in a wide range of thicknesses, Samson Ultra can be used with all kinds of substrates and is suitable for new build and refurbishment projects.The Samson Ultra Tile Backer board is totally waterproof, so no worries about water or damp penetration. It will never rot or degrade so is eminently suitable for tiling or panelling wet areas such as bathroom, wetroom, shower enclosures.The tile backer boards are light and easy to handle, in fact you can cut and shape them with a craft knife its that easy.Samson Ultra Tile backer boards can be used in all sorts of areas, inside and out. If you fancy building a partition wall, a bath panel, even pipe boxings in fact just about anything, these panels are far better than plasterboard and they insulate as well, keeping you warmer. You can use them on the floors for insulating underfloor heating. as they are really that strong. Pack up the plywood and plaster board. Buy these Samson Ultra Tile Backer Boards..We also do a full range of the shower tray bases. which use the same material. Top quality and quick delivery. Bodleeds.
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