Flush To Floor Shower Trays

Flush to floor shower trays. We sell a few variation of these flush to floor shower trays but the best one we have found  { so far} is the urban flat range. These are very very strong indeed and will look superb in any style of bathroom. 
The idea with these shower trays is that you can fit them flush to the floor.. You have to know about fitting these shower trays  so its best left to a professional or a very competent DIYist.
The basic idea is that you take up the floor boards. Which are usually 20 mm thick then you build a platform between the joists.. the shower tray then sits on the platform thus lowering it to the level of the floor.. Make sure you  think about the height as you fit it.. you will have to adjust this to make sure that its  flush with the floor once you put down your floor covering. 
Make sure you use a shower tray which is designed for this method of installation. Urban Flats have the right credentials and are designed for this purpose.
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