Britton Zamori Shower Trays

All Zamori shower trays are impregnated with an anti-bacterial zeomic agent.
One of the amazing qualities of silver is that it has inherent anti-microbial properties - Zamori has added the silver-based anti bacterial additive Zeomic into the manufacturing process.
The anti microbial qualities protect against harmful bacteria and suppresses mould growth,
1. The silver ions from Zeomic impregnate the microbe surface and are then absorbed by the cells through active transfer

2. The silver ions react with several metabolic enzymes within the metabolic system of the microbes.

3. The activity of these enzymes is hindered and the growth of microbes is inhibited.
Patented reinforcement

All our trays are acrylic framed with our patented steel frame formed to be the exact shape of the tray, to ensure rigidity for a lifetime of use. The trays are flat on the under-surface; this makes installation and levelling very easy.  Our steel frame is the subject of Patent Number: GB2440719 (A)

All our shower wastes are 90mm diameter high flow Vortex Turbo wastes designed to fit all our trays.
They comply with EN274-3.
This ensures that the water flows out at up to 30 litres per minute, making the Zamori shower waste one of the most efficient available - suitable for high volume showering applications.
The waste incorporates an easy clean removable filter to capture any hair or other objects before they block the waste pipes.

The waste is supplied with a solvent weld adaptor for different waste pipe sizes.

Anti-slip Available

Zamori anti-slip is simply the finest available. Our anti-slip trays comply with DIN51097 class C - the highest anti-slip rating. We are the only manufacturer to thermo bond the Swiss Grip Antislip onto the tray with a curing process - to ensure better performance for a cleaner & longer lasting surface.