Baths are available in many shapes, sizes,quality and prices. 
The basic bath supplied in the UK is the 1700 x 700mm  which is classed as the standard size. We can also get the 1675 x 700 baths which are the old imperial size.
The baths in this bodleeds category cover just about every conceivable shape , size and quality that exists in the bathing world.

A bath is not just a bath.. The standard bath we supply is a branded product supplied from well know quality manufacturers that have a superior track record and care about their quality. 

The industry standard is 5mm Acrylic with a reinforcing layer of glass fibre. That is the base line anything thinner then I would walk away. 
Some baths these days are even stronger such as the Carronite, Amanzonite, Trojancast and the Tissino premium to mention just a few, These can all be found on our web site bodleeds. We are fanatical about bath quality and only retail baths that are made by some of the best manufacturers in the world.

All our baths can be fitted  with a whirlpool or air spa system. We never fit cheap whirlpool or Air Spa's, so rest assured if you buy one of our baths then the spa system fitted to it is going to be good, reliable and at a good price. The exception to this are the Phoenix Collection of Baths and Whirlpools. Phoenix like to make sure that you get the best Whirlpool and air spa available and have a dedicated factory that fit their own brand of whirlpools ensuring you get the best available if you are buying a Phoenix Whirlpool bath always ask if it is a genuine Phoenix Whirlpool or Airpool