Baths & Bathtubs

 Baths are available in many shapes, sizes,quality and prices. 
The basic bath supplied in the UK is the 1700 x 700mm  which is classed as the standard size. We can also get the 1675 x 700 baths which are the old imperial size.
The baths in this bodleeds category cover just about every conceivable shape , size and quality that exists in the bathing world.

A bath is not just a bath.. The standard bath we supply is a branded product supplied from well know quality manufacturers that have a superior track record and care about their quality. 

The industry standard is 5mm Acrylic with a reinforcing layer of glass fibre. That is the base line anything thinner then I would walk away. 
Some baths these days are even stronger such as the Carronite, Amanzonite, Trojancast and the Tissino premium to mention just a few, We are fanatical about bath quality and only retail baths that are made by some of the best manufacturers in the world.

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