Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors serve a few functions in your bathroom. They provide a service reflecting your image back to you so you can probe the spot on your chin or apply the makeup for the days slog ahead. They also now in the modern era mirrors can provide lighting for the bathroom. I would always suggest you have the mirror wired separately so you can just have the ambient light provided if you are relaxing in your bath or do not want too bright a light at night. The new ranges of mirrors all have the LED bulbs or strips fitted which will provide light for many hours at a little cost. Most are fitted with de misting pads which clear a section of the mirror so when you get out of the bath of the shower you have a steam free section to get to grips with the tough beard or eyelashes. They even go so far as to have a charging socket on the side so you can charge your tooth brush or razor. Most now have the infrared sensor switch on their sides so you do not even have to touch the mirror to switch it on.. and lastly if you must.. Bluetooth. Yes there is even a mirror that will connect to your phone and play your music while you have a bath. You can test one out in our bathroom shop..Bathroom Mirrors have changed a lot over the past few years we can still supply the standard mirrors that just do the job of reflecting things. A mirror is priceless in a dark bathroom as it will reflect what little light there is and make a dingy room look brighter.. Fit a couple in dark bathrooms. There are many many designs of bathroom mirrors available. Most are rectangular but we do not have some traditional designs with arch topped such as the Phoenix Traditional LED mirrors