Basin Taps & Basin Mixers

Basin Taps are available usually as a single Mono block mixer which is fitted to a basin with a single tap hole. There are also many variations in the designs of bathroom basin mixer taps. Most have a single lever on top which is lifted to get the water flowing and moved left or right to increase or decrease the temperature of the water. There are also wall mounted basin mixers that have a control and a spout , these are designed for vessel basins. Tall basin mixer taps are used on freestanding basins that have a high rim and no tap holes drilled in the basins. If you have a smaller basin such as a cloakroom sink we have lots of choice in our mini basin mixer section, these taps are mini versions of the bigger basin mixers. Some basins have three holes and these can be used with just a pair of basin taps or with a special three tap hole basin mixer set which has a central spout and a hot and cold tap valve on either side. All the basin mixers are available in modern or traditional designs. Chrome is the base colour these days but we can get Antique Gold , Rose Gold, Black and other colours from certain manufacturers.
Lets not forget the basins that suffer from the two hole syndrome. If you have a basin with two tap holes we have a great selection of pairs of basin taps as well.